RAMADDA Map Services
RAMADDA Map Services

Lat-Lon Images

The RAMADDA Lat-Lon Image entry type displays a georeferenced image in a map. Here is an example. You upload an image and specify a geographic bounding box. Once you create the entry you can go and edit it again and the image will be displayed in the edit map popup.

Shapefile Extra Properties

The Shapefile Extra Properties metadata allows you to create a .properties file that adds on extra fields to the shapefile dbfile properties. For example, the Congressional Districts shapefile uses a properties file to add on extra fields that describe the congressperson for the district. This properties file takes the form:

map.fields=<comma searated extra field ids> 
map.key=<the field name in the shapefile to key on, e.g.. "geoid">
map.<key value>.extra1=<value1>
map.<key value>.extra2=<value1>

For the congressional shapefile properties file we use:

map.0200.member=Don Young
map.0101.member=Bradley Byrne
This defines a number of extra field (party,state,member,url,memberimage,town,phone,address,gender). The geoid values (0200, 0101) are in the original shapefile. We use these values to add keys for the various fields.