The phone services in RAMADDA uses Twilio.

Configuring Twilio

You need to create an account at Twilio. Once you have an account set up you should also have a new phone number. Twilio requires 2 URLs on your RAMADDA server to be associated with the phone number:
http://<your ramadda>/phone/twilio/sms
http://<your ramadda>/phone/twilio/voice
You then need to define the following properties on your RAMADDA server (e.g., in a file in your RAMADDA home directory)
#Twilio Application SID

#Twili authorization token (for reading the transcription)

#If you have a paid twilio account set this to true to transcribe voice
#twilio.transcribe=true or false
This is the application SID and the authorization token you can get from your Twilio account dashboard.

Configuring Phone Harvesters

The real work in handling a call is done with one or more Phone Harvesters. These are RAMADDA harvesters that define the RAMADDA folder to look at and access information. Go to Admin-Harvesters and create a new Phone Harvester:

The From Phone and To Phone are optional. If defined, this harvester will only access calls from/to these numbers.

There are 3 access levels specified by (potentially) different passwords - View, Add and Edit. If you enter "any" for these passwords then no password is required for that action.

To enable receiving voice messages specify a Voice Message response.