When creating a new entry or creating a thumbnail metadata the below form is shown that supports selecting a file or drag-and-dropping a file. You can also paste an image or text into the "Or drag files here" area.
File Upload
Image 1: File Upload

The wiki editor supports drag-and-drop of files. The file is uploaded to the RAMADDA server and a new entry is created. The user is then asked what should be embedded in the wiki text, e.g.: as an image:
Drag and drop
Image 2: Drag and drop
The wiki editor also supports pasting an image that has been copied to the clipboard (e.g., through a screen grab). A new image entry is created and the above dialog is shown.

There is a new wiki display component that supports searching within a page. This can be seen in the Maps Gallery
Search in page
Image 3: Search in page
Add this to a page with:
{{display_simplesearch  doPageSearch=true  placeholder="Search in page"}}
This supports grid, gallery and entry tree/table displays.

In wiki text add the below to provide a full screen mode. When mousing over the component an icon is shown in the upper right.
Anything here...