Phone and SMS Integration

You can browse through RAMADDA content and create wiki pages, notes, etc., via text messages.

See here to configure your RAMADDA server.

Using SMS

Create a note:
note <name>
some text 
more text
Create a folder:
folder <name>
Create a sms message:
sms <name>
Create a wiki page:
wiki <name>
Append to an existing entry:
add <name of entry>
text to append
If you don't specify an entry for the various commands the current folder will be used by default.
List the entries:
Note: you can access these entries either by name or by index, e.g. this will get the second entry in the list:
get 2
Print the current folder:
Change directory to a folder:
go <folder>
go ..
cd <folder>
Get the link to the entry:
url <entry name>
Get the text of an entry:
get <entry name>
Create a folder, go into it and create a note:
folder some folder
go some folder
note Some note
Logging in:
pass <password>
any command

Using Voice

If RAMADDA has been configured it will also receive voice messages. If the Twilio account is a paid account then the text transcription of the voice will be included in the RAMADDA entry.