Point Data
NOAA Tides and Currents Data
See the section Tides and Currents Data.
Purple Air sensor data
See the section Purple Air sensor data.
RAMADDA supports accessing real-time data from a SOFAR buoy with the SOFAR Buoy Data from API entry type. This requires an API key that you can get from your SOFAR dashboard at https://spotter.sofarocean.com/api. Edit one of the .properties file in your RAMADDA home dir and add the following. Once set you can add the SOFAR Data entry and just specify the spotter ID, e.g. SPOT-1234.
property.sofar.api.key=YOUR KEY
Storm Tracker data
Real time storm tracker positions from https://www.spotternetwork.org/ can be added to RAMADDA. First register on the above site and get an API key. Add the following to one of the .properties files in your RAMADDA home directory and restart RAMADDA.
property.stormtracker.api.key=YOUR KEY
There is no specific entry type for Storm Tracker positions. Rather you can use download this export - Storm_Spotter_Locations.zip and import it into your RAMADDA.

This is a generic CSV File entry type but with some CSV commands in the properties that convert the JSON from the API into RAMADDA's standard format. There is also a Request Information Property that specifies the required HTTP request information.