Editing an entry
Once an entry is created you can edit its name, description, time range, lat/lon bounding box and other fields with the Edit Entry link in the Edit menu:
Which takes you to the Entry Edit form:
Entry Edit Form
Image 2: Entry Edit Form
Normally, the description for an entry is shown within the default display for the entry's type. Checking the checkbox overrides the default display to use description as wiki text and the editor is changed to the wiki text editor. More information available in the Wiki documentation.
Adding Properties
In RAMADDA entries have some basic properties that can be edited in the edit form, e.g., name, description, lat/lon bounding box, time range, etc. One can also add any number of other properties elements to an entry.

Clicking on the "Edit Menu -> Add Properties" link takes you to the Add Properties form where you can select the type of properties to add. There are lots (and lots) of different properties. Some are basic (e.g., tags) while some control how the repository operates (e.g,, alias, default time zone, page style, logo)

Add Properties Form
Image 3: Add Properties Form
Select the type of properties to add, e.g., "Tag". The "inherited" flag, if checked, will have that property be applied to all descendent entries.
Add Tag Properties Form
Image 4: Add Tag Properties Form
You can upload a file as an attachment to an entry. If you create a "thumbnail" attachment that is an image it will be displayed when the entry is listed:
Thumbnail Images
Image 5: Thumbnail Images
Editing Properties
Selecting the "Edit -> Edit Properties" menu link allows you to edit and delete the properties elements of an entry:
Edit Properties
Image 6: Edit Properties
You can change any of the values of the properties and press "Change" or you can select one or more properties elements and delete them.