There are a number of other edit capabilities under the Edit->Extended Edit menu.
Setting Metadata
For Folders you can recurse down the entry hierarchy and set the spatial and/or temporal bounds of each entry as the union of its children entry metadata. When applied the set of entries that have been changed will be shown:
Adding Aliases
Any entry can have one or more aliases, e.g., "mydata". When an entry has an alias then it can be accessed via:
An alias is a property and can be added with the entry menu->Add Alias:
Alternatively, you can go to entry menu->Add Property and select Add Alias under the Thumbnails, Page Style, Etc., section:
If you have a number of entries that you want to add an alias for you can do that through the Extended Edit page:
Scroll down to the "Add aliases for children entries" section and provide the template with the ${name} macro. The name will be a cleaned up version (lower case, no spaces, no special characters) of each entry name:
Initially no aliases will be added. Select the entries you want an alias for and press "Add aliases to selected entries". If an entry already has an alias then no new alias will be added. If an entry exists somewhere else that has the same alias then the alias won't be added. You can always go and edit any of these aliases through the entry's Edit Properties section.
Change Entry Type
The entry type of the entry you are editing can be changed.
Note: for entries that have special attributes (e.g., Project, Point Data) when you change the type to a different type the special attributes will be deleted.
Change Descendents Entry Type
You can also recurse down the folder tree and change the type of all entries that match the specified original entry type and/or a pattern that is matched on the name or the filename of the entry. Note: the pattern is a regular expression.
It is best to first see what entries would be changed. Then when satisfied check on the "Yes, change them" checkbox.
So, for example, you might have a folder that contains a set of plain File entries that you want to change to be a certain data type (e.g., Landsat Satellite Data). You would select "File" as the Old Type, Landsat Satellite data as the new type. If you had a number of File entries but not all are to be changed you can use the pattern (e.g., ".*.hdf") to match on the File entries that you want to change.
Change Descendents URL Path
You can recurse through the descendents and change the entries that have URLs.
File Listing
The Generate File Listing will provide a summary of all of the files in the hierarchy. You can choose to only list entries that have a file that is missing or only list entries that are OK.
Process with Javascript
This extended edit form allows you to specify some javascript that is called for each entry down through the entry hierarchy. This enables you to do complex changes.
You need to check on the "Apply changes to entries" checkbox to have your changes actually applied.