The Multi-Entry Glyph allows you to select a folder entry in RAMADDA and display all of the geo-referenced children entries.
Showing Purple Air sensor data
Here we describe how to show a collection of Purple Air sensors in an IMDV map that is similar to this one. You can download and import this example into your RAMADDA with this .zip file- This import contains the IMDV map shown here as well as a number of Purple Air sensor entries. Alternatively, you can use your own collection of Purple Air sensor entries and create an IMDV entry.

Creating a Multi-Entry glyph
First, create a new "Multi Entry" glyph under the New menu
In the Select Entry form select the Purple Air Sensors folder that holds your sensor entries. Note: the Multi-entry glyph can show any collection of entries.
You should have a default map that just shows the entry icons. Clicking on an icon will show the Purple Air time series.