RAMADDA version 15.2.0 is available for download at:
See the Installation Guide for more information.

Installing and Upgrading

Note: Many users ask if upgrading RAMADDA will effect any existing content. All of the content and files are kept in the RAMADDA home directory and in the database. As long as those directories remain untouched there should not be any problem in upgrading. However, you will need to update any plugins you have installed in the RAMADDA plugins directory.
To update an existing RAMADDA installation:
  • Update plugins
    • RAMADDA comes with 3 plugin collections - core, geo and bio. A new update of RAMADDA will automatically update these plugin collections.
    • If you have individual plugins installed then you should update them to the latest versions.
  • If you are running stand-alone then download and unzip the ramaddaserver.zip from the ramadda.org site.
  • If you are running under Tomcat or Glassfish then download and install the repository.war from the ramadda.org site.