If you have an account on a RAMADDA server you can login by following the login link:
Login Page
Image 1: Login Page
If you have forgotten your user name or password and if the RAMADDA server has been configured to send email there will be links shown to send you a reminder of your user name and to reset your password.

Once logged in there is a link in the upper right which will take you to your user settings page.

User Settings
2.0 User Settings
This page allows you to change your user settings and your password. The Page Template is a user interface skin and allows you to change the overall look and feel of the user interface.
User Settings
Image 2: User Settings
2.1 User Favorites
The user favorites are a list of entries. These are kind of like bookmarks in a web browser and aid in navigating and managing content. When logged in you can add a favorite entry through the file menu.
User Favorites
Image 3: User Favorites