Search form
Supports an embedded and configurable search form. New displays (e.g., line chart) based on the result entries can be created.
{{display_entrylist width="800"  
showForm="true|false - is form shown"
formOpen="true|false - is form open"
showType="true|false - show the type selector menu" 
types="comma separated list of entry types to show"
doSearch="true|false - perform the search when the page is first displayed"
showToggle="true|false - show the form toggle"
showText="true|false - show the search text input"
showArea="true|false - show the map selector"
showDate="true|false - show the data selector"
showMetadata="true|false - show the metadata search fields"
metadataTypes="comma separated list of metadata types to show"
formWidth="width of the search form"
entriesWidth="width of the results list"
Search form
Image 1: Search form
The entries displayed in the results list can be interactively displayed. The provider attribute allows you to specify alternative search providers. The list of available search providers can be viewed here.

The metadataTypes attribute allows you to specify what metadata to show. The list of available metadata types can be viewed here.

In the search results list new displays can be created through the pull down menu:

Entry Grid
The entrygrid display shows a set of entries based on their date.
{{display_entrygrid showIcon="true"  showName="true"  scaleWidth="true"  scaleHeight="false"  
#height="400"  #width="100%"  
Entry Grid
Image 3: Entry Grid
Controls time or index based animation. Other charts will highlight the record of the current time.
Image 4: Animation